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Medical tourism

Medical assistance to foreign citizens

The state Autonomous institution of health care of the Tyumen region "Ishim city dental clinic" - more than 47 years provides highly qualified dental care for adults and children.

Ishim city dental polyclinic IS the winner of the competitions "100 best medical institutions of the Russian Federation-2019", "100 best stomatologies of the Russian Federation-2019".

The institution is headed by the chief physician Boyko Dmitry Alexandrovich defended his master's thesis on the organization of health care on the topic: "the effectiveness of the restructuring measures, for example, THAT GBUZ "Regional hospital №4" (Ishim)", is the founder of the public movement "popular front" of the Tyumen region and an expert in the field of health.

The clinic provides highly qualified dental care to foreign citizens in accordance with international standards, applying a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of children and adults:

primary, including premedical, medical and specialized, health care, which organizes and does the following work (services): when providing first aid primary health care in outpatient conditions: hygienic education, nursing management, radiology, nursing, dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, preventive dentistry; in the provision of primary medical health care in the outpatient setting on: organization of healthcare and public health; in the provision of primary specialized health care on an outpatient basis in: General practice dentistry, orthopaedic dentistry, therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry.

During medical examinations, medical examinations and medical examinations, the following works (services) are organized and performed: during medical examinations: examination of the quality of medical care, examination of temporary disability.

* Consultations of specialists on specialties:

• Doctor-dentist-therapist

* Dentist-surgeon

• Dentist-orthopedist

• Hygienist

• General dentist

* Admission of specialists in the field of dentistry - specialists of the Ishim city dental polyclinic, using in their work advanced scientific and practical methods of diagnosis and complex treatment of complex clinical cases and severe diseases in adults:

Maurina Lyudmila Kuzminichna - head of the Department-dentist-therapist of the highest category

Korovina Larisa Aleksandrovna – head of Department-the doctor-the stomatologist-the therapist of the highest category

Zhidkov Dmitry Alekseevich - head of Department-dentist-orthopedist without category

Gavrilova Alla Yurievna – doctor-dentist-therapist uncategorized

Kuznetsova Elena Viktorovna – doctor-dentist-therapist uncategorized

Kurganov Andrey Semyonovich-dentist-therapist of the highest category; dentist-surgeon of the highest category

Moshkina Tatyana Nikolaevna-dentist-therapist of the first category

Polushvedkina Lyudmila Vasilievna – doctor-dentist-therapist without a category; a dentist without a category

Sorokina Larisa Efimovna – doctor-dentist-therapist of the highest category

Sharapova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna – doctor-dentist-therapist uncategorized

Ogorelkova Tatyana Sergeevna-dentist without category

Omarkulova Aijamal Nurlanbekovna – dentist uncategorized

Sycheva Olga Aleksandrovna-dentist without category

Shchetkov Gleb Sergeevich-dentist without category

Dadoboev Muhammadyusuf Abdurasulovich – physician-dentist-surgeon without category

Zvyagintsev Nikolay Aleksandrovich – doctor-dentist-a surgeon without a category

Alpatov Vladimir Ivanovich – the doctor-the stomatologist-orthopedist of the highest category

Korovin Evgenii Petrovich – doctor-dentist-orthopedist of the highest category

Chupin Dmitry Igorevich – doctor-dentist-orthopedist uncategorized

Kostik Irina Anatolyevna-dentist of the highest category

Krivykh Irina Filippovna-dentist of the highest category

Monakhova Zhanna Borisovna-dentist of the highest category

Savina Larisa Vladimirovna-dentist of the highest category

Sazhin Nadezhda Ivanovna – a dentist of the highest category

Diagnostics for children and adults using medical equipment manufacturers;

GAUZ TO "Ishim city dental clinic" performs unique types of dental services:

Oral examinations for children and adults at one time:

 Radiography of the oral cavity;

 Radiovisiography:

ОР orthopantogram of jaws;

Family oral prophylaxis:

* Individual approach in the preparation of the oral treatment plan;

* Prevention of caries in children and adults.

Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided in the Ishim city dental polyclinic IN accordance with the Decree of the government of the Russian Federation dated 06.03.2016 No. 186 "on approval of the rules of medical care for foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation".

* foreign citizens who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal law "on compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" have the right to free medical care within the framework of compulsory medical insurance;

* medical assistance to foreign citizens is provided in accordance with agreements on the provision of paid medical services or contracts of voluntary medical insurance.

Medical services are provided in the state medical INSTITUTION "Ishim city dental clinic" on the basis of the list of works (services) constituting medical activity and specified in the license for medical activity № LO-72-01-002802, issued on June 01, 2018 by the Department of health of the Tyumen region.

Paid medical services of the Ishim city dental polyclinic ARE provided on the basis of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 04.10.2012 No. 1006 "on approval of the Rules for the provision of paid medical services by medical organizations", the Regulations on the procedure and conditions for the provision of paid medical services of the Ishim city dental polyclinic".

You can get acquainted with the price List of paid medical services on the website of the institution - http://mu-igsp.ru

You can contact us by the following phone numbers:

+7 (34551) 7-99-78 adult Department registration,

+7 (34551) 7-99-58 registration office of the children's Department,

and also by email - super.igsp@yandex.ru

Our medical institution is a leader in the implementation of dental care in the Russian Federation.

We are focused on providing quality dental treatment for patients.

Visiting our dentistry, you can count on the sensitivity and attentiveness of the staff. We understand how important psychological comfort is for the patient and therefore strive to ensure that a visit to our dental clinic was accompanied by only positive emotions.